Guidelines for Presenting Meet & Fold Topics

Guidelines for Presenting Meet & Fold Topics


– A diagram set with 4-5 models should offer a good selection. Alternatively, depending on the topic, it is possible to focus on one model that requires the entire meeting session to teach/complete. There is no hard limit on how much content to put in; the suggested length is 12-15 pages, up to 20 pages. Where possible, try to offer models for different skill levels, e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced. Include at least 1-2 models that can be completed during Meet & Fold.

– Include the designer’s name if not already printed and the source for each diagram (e.g. “From Folding the Universe by Peter Engel”) so others interested can locate the source themselves.

– Mention in advance whether you prefer to have the Society to handle the photocopying or prepare the sets yourself (keep the receipt to be reimbursed for the cost). Mention any special paper requirements (e.g. non-standard size or weight) so members can be advised in the meetup reminder to bring suitable paper. In cases that call for specialty paper, you can make an arrangement with the Society to provide paper at the meetup.

– It is recommended to arrange diagrams by order of ascending difficulty level, i.e. simpler models at the front, then intermediate, and so on. This is because a lot of people will often fold the first model in the set unawares and may become frustrated by a difficult model. Alternatively, you can give a brief overview of the contents plus any folding advice for the models at the meetup.

– If there are videos or diagrams available online, you can attach a list of links to the package, or forward it to info AT origamitoronto DOT org to be sent out to members after the meeting. Please label links clearly.

– If you would like assistance with model suggestions, locating diagrams, send a note to the email above and other members will be happy to help.

Please provide:
– a master set for photocopying (preferably 1 month in advance)
– a photo of model(s) to be included in the meetup reminder email (1-2 weeks in advance)


Demonstration (optional)

People have different learning preferences, though many appreciate having someone guide them through some tricky folds. As of January 2014, based on member feedback, demonstrations will be done separately in a designated table or area. This provides more flexibility by allowing members to choose a guided session or fold on their own. Please mention in advance if you plan to teach a model, so people can move into place accordingly.


Display (optional)

While not strictly necessary, samples of models featured in the diagram set can go a long way to exciting and inspiring people to fold. Feel free to bring in other topic-related models, even those not included in the diagram set.