Member FAQ

What should I bring to a Meet & Fold?
Nearly any kind of paper can be used for folding. Generally, to get started, copy paper (20 lb/75 gsm) should suffice. Origami paper is also recommended for simple and intermediate models. However, sometimes a model might call for certain types of paper for their properties. There are also other factors such as colour and texture. This is an extensive area that some people find as fun as folding itself, so as you explore further, try different types of paper to find your favourites.

Check the monthly reminder for any paper recommendations for the topic. Don’t be afraid to bring in models you’ve folded, even those unrelated to the topic!

Can I suggest a Meet & Fold/workshop topic?
Of course! Please send suggestions to info AT origamitoronto DOT org . We may also ask members annually to fill out a suggestion form and vote for the following year’s topics. We are also regularly looking for people to research/lead a topic, so don’t be afraid to pick a topic and run with it. For more information, see the Guidelines for Presenting Meet & Fold Topics.

I missed the December Meet & Fold and would like to renew my membership. What should I do?
Thanks for your continued support! Please send an email to the Treasurer to arrange payment. Forms of payment accepted: cash, cheque, direct deposit and e-transfer.

I missed a Meet & Fold and would like a copy of the previous month’s diagrams. Who do I ask?
Just ask the Treasurer at the next meetup. If you have not attended meetups for three (3) consecutive months, please send a message to the Treasurer in advance to arrange for pickup either at the next meetup or other location.

I’m a member interested in volunteering at local workshops/events with the Society. How can I get started?
Please send an email to info AT origamitoronto DOT org so we can add you to a list of available volunteers and notify you as opportunities arise. Include your travelling area so we can see who will be available to attend an event in a particular region. Likewise, if you are interested in commercial opportunities, please indicate your project type preferences, if any (e.g. teaching, wedding displays) and whether you would like to be listed publicly in the Artist Directory.

Workshop and event teams are usually organised by one or more attending members who will also transport/arrange for supplies, so unless you are the event organiser, you usually need not bring your own. If you are undecided on models to teach at an event, you can ask the organiser for recommendations. If an event is based around a theme, feel free to bring along related models to display. Be warned though, people might be so impressed that they’ll ask you to teach them the (potentially difficult) model!